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Animal ID Solutions Inc. brings together the latest in identification, tracking, and management technologies to provide a one-stop integrated track and trace solution. Our flagship product the Global Animal Identification Network, GAIN for short, is THE solution for world-wide identification and tracking. GAIN knowledge, GAIN confidence, GAIN integrity.

A variety of current social and economic forces are driving animal traceability to levels of comprehensiveness that have never been required before. Desire to minimize the risk and impact of disease outbreaks, requirements to improve the movement of horses and compliance with new world standards for import/export of horse related products are all converging to create demand for an all encompassing solution.

These demands require a solution that will capture and analyze in-depth animal characteristics. In order for a solution such as this to get started, governing bodies will have to identify the detailed data to be collected and also determine how that data will be used. The collection of this data must be strictly enforced and combined with mistake-proof data collection practices. Once these structures are in place, a solution capable of supporting the technical demands will need to be identified. Enter the GAIN Solution by Animal ID Solutions.

Whether it is in a professional, amateur, non-competitive agricultural sector, sport environment or industry essential to the food chain, Animal ID Solutions is committed to providing clients with viable solutions to meet individual challenges while being cognizant of the best interests and welfare of both animals and owners.

Our philosophy of animal and owner/producer first has been instrumental in defining Animal ID Solutions’ customer centric focus and the GAIN solution.

The GAIN Solution

has been designed from the ground up to identify and track animals around the globe.

The GAIN solution is made up of data collection and information display technologies. The GAIN solution helps turn animal data into animal knowledge.

GAIN Solution Components

GAIN Web Porta
l – this is the primary data collection and presentation tool for online users.

GAIN Handheld Barcode Scanner Software
– designed specifically for rapid data collection, this software works on most industry standard barcode scanners.

GAIN Smartphone Applications
– Blackberry, Droid, and iPhone users can access animal data directly from their smartphone. These applications may be extended further to act as a low-volume data collection device. This enables a Vet in the field to scan an animal, view its file, and save medical treatment information in real-time.

– the GAIN RF/GPS engine is the middleware between various industry
standard RF/GPS devices and the GAIN database.

GAIN Database – the heart of any identification system is the database. The GAIN database has been specifically designed for security and scalability.

GAIN Application Program Interface
– with the GAIN API, developers are able to securely integrate data back into their own platform.

GAIN System Analyzer
– the system analyzer helps Government researchers spot trends and develop techniques that help isolate problems and minimize damage.

GAIN Benefits
• Minimize the risks and impact of equine health emergency to agriculture industry

• Ensure continued international movement of equine and equine products for sport, breeding, and commerce through adoption of international standards and activity-tracking protocols

• Record and report equine health status to meet regulations (animals for meat; disease outbreaks)

• Compliance with emerging world health/welfare and traceability standards

• The framework to start building a comprehensive disease tractability tool

• Increase Visibility

• Increase Process Control.
GAIN Intake & Traceability Components

High-Level Overview

1.Identification: Numerous identification fields available including UELN, registration number(s), DNA profile, RF tags, brands, tattoos , photos, breed, sex, color, date and place of birth and death, ancestry, owner details, breeder details, scanned documents

2. Association, industry and sport membership(s) management for lifetime of animal

3. Date and location of status changes including sale, purchase, sterilization, export, death and disposal

4. Health records: Coggins test, EID, vaccinations, antibiotics, inspection results and reportable illnesses

5. Movement and mode of transportation

6. Performance results: acquire, tabulate, report and track requested performance indexes by horse, event and generation

7. System of record for validating horse entry into processing plant and traceability through supply chain

8. Reports: EID, pedigree, transport manifest, tracking & proximity reports, health papers, online lookup

The creation of any large-scale standardized identification system is a task not to be attempted halfheartedly. We have experience designing, developing, and deploying enterprise-wide identification, tracking, and locating solutions that monitor millions of assets worldwide for the Fortune 100 market.

GAIN is designed to collect data at the following facilities:

• Ports of Entry
• Quarantine Facilities
• Auctions and Sales
• Breeding Farms
• Boarding Facilities
• Training Facilities
• Equine Clinics and Hospitals
• Racetracks
• Show/Exhibition/Competition Facilities
• Public and Private Stables
• Rodeo Arenas
• Fairgrounds
• National or State Parks
• Universities
• Ports of Exit
• Dude Ranches
• Rescue Centers
• Managed pasture lands
• Feedlots
• Processing Plants
Benefits of Equine Identification & Traceability Process
Complete EID document online for improved accuracy and authenticity

• Speed up intake process with online EID documents

• Auditable process satisfying questions regarding animal’s identity

• Integrates/exports with other national and international traceability programs

• Utilizes and integrates existing data from pedigree and breeding registries, competition disciplines and sport tracking databases

Signaturing™ is the process of drawing together an individual animal's unique and distinguishable
identification features;

• DNA Profiles

• RFID Technology including Microchips

• Biometrics, Retinal Scans

• Phenotypical Animal Identification sources (brands, tattoo, hair whirls)

• Digital Images and descriptions based on colour and coat pattern or markings

When consolidated, these characteristics create the de facto standard of scientifically and statistically
accurate record that becomes the definitive resource for that animal’s unique identification
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We are here to assist you with all your animal identification needs!  Please send us an email with your questions, or requirements to:

email: info@animalidsolutions.com

or write to us at:

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